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How it Works provides a secure mechanism for leasing property or assets, protecting consumers from rental scams and offering agents and owners an assurance that their perspective clients have the necessary funds while safe guarding rental deposits. This 3rd party service will also allow for safe non-commingled funds thus protecting landlord and tenant. Interest will also be paid to beneficiary of escrow deposit.

Use rental escrow to hold deposits and rental fees in trust for any type of rental transaction from property to asset rental and holiday / vacation accommodation bookings.

How Rental Escrow is Used

Property rentals

Rental escrow shows ability and intent. Agents are motivated to assist prospective clients whose deposit is guaranteed through escrow. No delays in re-payment after lease expires.

Secured rentals

Secured rentals allow businesses and foreigners to lease property on a secured payment basis. The lessee deposits rental fees and the lessor secures payment for the rental property a number of months in advance. The electronic platform manages rent payment disbursement, deposit payout management etc.

The Process

  1. Start a secure transaction via the platform
  2. Specify rental details (upload lease) details
  3. Create transaction terms
  4. Agree the transaction terms
  5. The tenant transfers agreed deposit amount into escrow account.
  6. The tenant / landlord both approves payment to the landlord
  7. At the end of the term the landlord releases rental security plus interest
  8. Platform releases payment to the landlord and / or agent upon instruction and previously agreed upon terms
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